Web Design Elements That Increase Conversion Rates and UX

Person working on laptop with codes on screenToday, more than ever, people are turning online to find what they want. Companies have been forced to adjust their strategies if they are going to stay relevant and meet the ever-changing needs of the modern man. They are investing in creating an online presence, adopting approaches once left to B2C companies.

Unfortunately, companies going about it themselves end up making catastrophic mistakes, which is why an advertising agency in Jupiter, Florida, is always the best way to go. Hiring professionals will not only make your website designs more compelling, but they will also bring your brand to life.

They will create experiences for your users that can only increase the conversion rates. These agencies will often include the following elements in your website design to improve the user experience ultimately increasing conversion rates.

Hover states

A hover state is a clickable button. The professional makes sure that the user can not only tell that the button is clickable but is also compelled to click it. For example, some hover states have colors contrasting the general web page. Hovers are usable even for elements such as images and distribution material such as case studies.

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Fade-in elements

Google’s algorithm factors in load time as it does things like images. Additionally, users get bored when something takes long to load. Still, sometimes when forced to add things that may take a while to load, fade-in elements save the day. They optimize the user experience while accommodating for the slow load time.

Clickable areas and full-image CTAs

Every other user is working on their mobile phones. As such, web design pros use elements to make pages mobile friendly and responsive. Full images are one way to go.

Web designers use them for CTAs so that even if no one clicks them, the user still gets vital information. They serve the work of an appetizer in a meal.

During the days preceding the internet, you could trust employees to smile and be cordial with potential customers visiting your store.

The internet has shifted your business online for most people. As such, it is only prudent to get a professional to make your website as professional and interactive as it need be so that it can do what it is there to do — serve your customers.

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