What Makes a Good Corporate Video?

Video camera in focusA corporate video is a powerful and influential tool that enables companies to promote their value, culture, and branding, not just for their employees but also for their target markets. However, not all videos will deliver the results you want. Yours needs to meet certain requirements to be effective.

Experts in corporate video production in Utah cite the following elements to include in your videos.

The Right Script

A video will only be as good as the script and the story you tell. The language you use, the facial expressions, and the delivery have to contain the emotions you want to convey. Weaving scenes that create a narrative whole will lure the viewers in and will pique their interest. Doing so increases the possibility of eliciting the actions you want them to take. Include a subtle or direct call-to-action at the end to make sure you get the responses you want.

Speak to a Specific Person

Using the second-person ‘you’ is a powerful tool; it grabs the attention of the viewers and enables you to influence their perception and actions. Think about a specific person to talk to in the video you want to produce. Having a certain ‘one’ to speak with allows you to focus your message on things that may matter to that person.

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A focused message enables you to build a strong brand and attract people that believe in the same values and goals, whether you are recruiting potential employees or transforming a one-time customer into a loyal brand ambassador.

Audience Factor

What’s a video for if no one watches it? Identify a specific audience for the videos you publish. Address their needs, wants, and aspirations. Doing so makes your production more powerful and influential. Use the right language and tone to maximize its effectiveness.

Including these elements in your video production project allows you to create one that is effective. Don’t forget to get help from professionals videographers to get the results you’re after.