What to Consider When Choosing a White-Label SEO Provider

online marketingIf you’re in the business of digital marketing, you know how important search engine optimisation (SEO) is in your clients’ businesses. For one thing, the majority of users rely on results from search engine queries. Also, most users choose organic results — something you can achieve with a good SEO reseller company.

Having a good SEO strategy in place and making sure website optimisation efforts are not wasted require plenty of expertise. Given that some digital marketing agencies might not have the skills for doing SEO, they turn to white-label providers and become an SEO reseller instead.

Being an SEO reseller means being able to offer SEO services to your clients without having to do the technical tasks yourself. Rather, you will be outsourcing the SEO-related processes to a white-label service provider. By delegating those tasks, you will be able to focus on other aspects of your business.

And even if you do have an in-house SEO team, you will surely need new workforce when multiple clients start coming in. White-label SEO providers can help you handle several marketing campaigns without having to turn clients down. Here’s what you need to consider when looking for a white-label service provider to partner with.

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Knowledge of search trends

Search algorithms change constantly, so it’s imperative that the SEO company you choose knows what search engines look for and how best to optimise sites.

Industry experience

Aside from knowing what makes search engines tick, the SEO provider you partner with should have experience or specialisation in your particular industry or niche. Such a company would be able to create content relevant to your industry and which will reach your target audience effectively.

They would know how best to drive traffic, engage the audience, and convert website visits into sales.

Specialised skills in various tasks

SEO involves a variety of tasks, from keyword research and website audits to the creation of long-form content and site analysis. Look for a white-label provider that can handle these tasks and can maintain high-quality output every time.

After all, although the provider does the work, it’s still your brand that your clients will see.

Great referrals

Referrals and positive reviews are indicators of good performance. If a white-label provider has great referrals from trusted sources, then it’s a sign that partnering with them would be beneficial to your company.

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Working with a white-label SEO service is a great way to handle multiple digital marketing campaigns, especially if you don’t really consider web optimisation as one of your company’s strengths. Keep the above characteristics of a good provider in mind when looking for the company that will be the best fit for your marketing agency.