Why the Most Frustrating Printer Issues are Easy to Fix

PrinterPrinter technical problems are common occurrences, and for most businesses, considerably expensive. When the issue isn’t obvious, many companies will choose to buy a new printer instead of trying to fix it. This is incredibly wasteful, as the latter option is usually far more economical and convenient.

Whether your office uses HP or Fuji Xerox printers, repair services will often get seemingly broken equipment back to perfect working condition. Before you spend thousands on upgrading your printers, try to diagnose the problem or call an expert to take a look at it. Here are a few possible issues.

1. Frequent paper jamming – This is an exceptionally common problem, and it is usually quite simple to fix. You may be using the wrong type of paper, or loading it incorrectly. The printer might also need a thorough cleaning, or the rollers may be too worn out to function properly.

2. Repeat printing –Does the printer create a lighter copy of the image elsewhere on the paper? This is known as “ghost printing”, and it usually happens to laser printers. You may need to replace limited-lifetime parts, such as the imaging kit, or it may be a problem with the machine’s power source. Try moving it to a different outlet, and see if the issue persists.

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3. Very slow print speed – You may be frustrated at how long print jobs take, but before you dismiss your current machine as obsolete, try tinkering with the settings. Reduce print quality for less important files, make sure that you are using a USB 2.0 connection or the fastest network connection available, and check if any cartridges are malfunctioning.

4. Blemishes in print – When your image is too light, spotty, or has lines all over it, there is a good chance that you have a clogged or dry print head. This often happens when you do not use an inkjet frequently enough. Most machines have a function to clean out the dried ink, but you can do it manually as well.

Do you maintain your equipment on a regular basis? Printers need more upkeep than just replacing spent ink cartridges. Taking a proactive mindset to printer maintenance will mean fewer issues and less expenses down the line.