Why You Need an After-hours Call Service in Your Clinic

After-hours Call Service of a ClinicSometimes medical emergencies and your patients’ health know no time and follow no schedule. Unfortunately, some healthcare providers are not available anytime.

In order to give the best service to their patients, healthcare providers–no matter how small–should have an after-hours call center service to cater to their clients’ needs. United Call Center says that having an after-hours call service can greatly improve your customer service rating and ease your patients’ worries about their healthcare. Even when it is beyond the clinic’s operating hours, some people need to call their healthcare providers for emergency purposes and other related matters.

1. Your customers need assistance, and only you can help them.

For life-threatening and emergency cases, clients are encouraged to call 911 or head directly to the nearest hospital. However, there are times when a non-life threatening situation calls for your understanding of your patient’s medical history. Or sometimes, they may need to clarify the details of their treatment, and only you can give them that information.

2. You give your clients the convenience of time for their queries, appointments, and clarifications.

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These days time is precious, and most of your clients may feel that they do not have enough of it. Give them the convenience of time with an after-hours call center service. They can schedule or cancel an appointment, make queries, and even ask for vital information whenever and wherever they are. According to one study, an after-hours call service for a small practice can benefit patients greatly.

3. It gives you the opportunity to expand your clientele and promote your practice.

Having an after hours call service enables you to expand your clientele, as you could attract potential clients who may need your special knowledge any time they need it. You can give them the clarity and information they need if you have this service in your practice.

Investing In Your Healthcare Practice

An after-hours call center service is an investment you make not only for your business, but also for your clients. Give them the convenience and flexibility this service provides. After all, you never know when a client needs you.

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