Wifi: Improving Hotel Guest Satisfaction | Importance of Wifi in Hotels

Hotel Room

These days, no matter how elegant looking a hotel is, absence of wifi can cost that hotel a “star” in customer satisfaction. You may think that the one thing guests look for in a hotel is the ambiance, but a survey by Forrester Research last 2013 showed otherwise.

e-Communications & Networking cites the findings of the study: Most would actually look for wifi in hotels and would be disappointed if the hotel lacks it. These results may sound insane, but there is a reason wifi is “important” for guests. Actually, make that three.

  • Hotel services

More and more hotels are making it easier for guests to contact the staff by using wifi. For one, they can check in without having to be physically present in the lobby. They can also get in touch with the valet or housekeeping whenever they need them with just a click.

Guests can also set the room into their “livable” environment by adjusting the room temperature or the lights through wifi even before they set foot in the room.

  • Socialization

They may be away simply just to get away, but they still would want to get in touch with their loved ones before they go to bed every night. A good wifi connection can be a solution. They can talk to people via apps, with the option of video calls especially when they are not home for a while.

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Aside from their loved ones, they can also reach out to important matters from work like sending and receiving files for example. This way, they do not have to worry about missing a lot from work.

  • Location services

Another reason that guests need wifi for is to locate places. Being in a hotel clearly states that they are “lost in a paradise” somewhere and they are not always familiar with the area. This is where wifi comes into picture because they can use the internet to get all the information they need.

There are times that the internet is full of lies, but you have to admit that it can be a good alternative for GPS when finding the right place.

Wifi truly has made everything easier. Providing a wifi in a hotel surely is a huge plus, but consider its speed because no wifi is better than slow wifi.