Your Guide to SEO, User Experience, and Search Engines

SEO Expert These past couple of years, search engine giant Google has been telling everyone that overall, their search algorithms are intended to aid users in experiencing the best possible UX or user experience. SEO, however, is still a crucial factor in search results, which left many people wondering if there’s really a link between user experience and SEO. And if such a connection exists, is it really that important?

The Link Between SEO and User Experience

SEO and user experience are related because both involves dealing with what users experience and see online. SEO for its part aids in determining whether a website ranks as one of the relevant results on SERPs (search engine results pages), while user experience helps in determining whether users click on and see quality in those “supposedly” relevant results or not, an SEO services expert explains. Although there are plenty of cases where these two don’t really jive, you can’t discount the fact that there’s a vital connection between them.

According to “The Beginners Guide to SEO” by MOZ, you could think of UX and usability as potent influential factors on the success of search ranking, with other factors like keywords, website structure, and links being equally important as well. UX offers a measurable (although indirect) advantage to the external popularity of a website, which search engines could then deduce as a sign of higher or more relevant quality.

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Having an empathic and engaging user experience aids in making sure that site visitors positively perceive a website, which in turn could lead to sharing, inbound links, return visits, and bookmarking. These are vital indications that search engines understand to be highly influential to high search rankings.

An excellent user experience could indirectly offer a consistent advantage on a site’s ranking. However, it is up to webmasters to determine how they could leverage the connection between SEO and user experience for the success of their sites.

Keep in mind that understanding your target audience is infinitely more important than trying to appeal to Google’s or other search engines’ ever-changing algorithms because ultimately, thousands upon thousands of monthly site visits are for naught if they don’t actually contribute to your business’s bottom line.